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CV-urile pot fi trimise pe e-mail, la adresa resurseumane@doctortantau.ro, sau pot fi depuse personal la adresa Strada Porțelanului nr. 2, Cluj-Napoca.

What you should know before you get to us


First inform you that our medical center operates morning and afternoon. The time in which we can find the phone is as follows: 
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Medical equipment

Medical unit has a latest generation ultrasound . During the year , will purchase a new high performance line of endoscopy and X-ray apparatus , purchases made ​​from European funds in order to perform accurate at time of complex endoscopic gestures that will be performed first in a medical private .
Hygiene , sterilization and disinfection are to the highest standards , featuring an automatic center disinfect endoscopes . In step with the latest developments in the field and provide a full safety interventions will largely use disposable instruments .


The clinic is owned, sole proprietorship, by Tanțău family, Professor Dr. Marcel Tanţău (Medical Clinic III) active in private medicine for 16 years, and lecturer Dr. Alina Tanţău (Hospital CFR Cluj). 
Experience in years in private medical service was the idea that started the realization Center, which is a transcription broad administrative and medical solutions acquired in this period. (Prof. Dr. Marcel Tanţău)

Medical service

Medical Center of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Digestive Endoscopy provides advice gastroenterology, hepatology (liver disease) and is equipped with appliances breaking endoscopy. 
We make complex or simple endoscopic interventions under general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort. (Prof. Dr. Marcel Tanţău) 



Clinica este detinută, în proprietate exclusivă, de către familia Tanţău, profesor universitar dr. Marcel Tanţău, care activează în domeniul medicinii private de 20 ani, şi conferențiar universitar dr. Alina Tanţău.


Program medici


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